Customization is the flagship of Internet marketing as it involves the pulling concept instead of the traditional pushing. Every user is a prospective customer looking for a perfect solution which can address his/her needs. The skilled team at eValueWeb Solutions bridges the gap between your business and global customers by optimizing your website with finest PPC techniques. We specialize in delivering & maximizing ROI through structured & engaging search engine marketing (SEM) campaigns. PPC Campaigns are immensely easy to execute and hugely profitable in returns. The PPC forms the integral component of your marketing process and is always inclined towards your business goals.

    Pay Per Click (PPC) Management Services

    • Creative Content
    • Budget Management
    • Keyword Research

Why Trust eValueWeb Solutions To Manage Your PPC Campaign Efficiently!

PPC marketing works in a way that can help to get your business noticed in a quick and efficient manner. It is not just advertisement display but keyword specific advertisement display. Our experts conduct brain storming sessions with you as well as within their teams thereby making sure to rank your website on the first SERP and that too at the top panel. Our professionals do vigorous research to create effective ad campaigns to save your extra penny promising proven results and to boost up your business website.

  • Brainstorming Seed Keywords

  • Optimized Campaign Bidding

  • Establish Correct Campaign Settings

  • Implementation of Tracking & Analysis

  • Define Clients KPIs Expectations

  • Auditing Existing PPC Account

  • Precise Campaign Launch Timeline

  • Installation of Google Analytics

  • Designing Landing Pages

  • Implementation of Account Structure

Our dedicated team is well-versed with the nuisances involved in PPC Campaign Management. They ensure that the specific message is delivered in the specific target area to the right people at the right time. Regardless of your budget and whether you have short term or long term goals, we can manage your campaign so that you get the maximum returns on investment. Our team plans and executes effective campaigns that are regularly monitored and optimized to meet customized needs, in the cost effective way.

  • Campaign Performance Management

  • Keyword Performance Management

  • Continuous Landing Page Testing

  • Creating Reports & Dashboard

  • Competitor Analysis

  • Setting Up Automated Account Alerts

  • Zero Impressions Management

  • Zero Clicks Management

  • Disapproved Ads Management

  • Product Feed Management

At eValueWeb Solutions, our team is driven by data & objectivity that let’s them execute pay per click (PPC) campaigns with a great focus, hence delivering more conversions for relatively smaller spend. The tremendous results thus achieved is due to concise focus on the 3 pillars of PPC, namely: Keyword Research & Optimization, Landing Page Relevance and Ad Copy/Quality. We always carefully decide the mix of channels to use while creating an optimized PPC campaign to meet the ROI expectations of our clients.

  • Excellent Long Terms Results

  • Better Results in Less Time

  • Exceptional in-house PPC Experts

  • Control of Budget & Scheduling

  • Conversion and Monetization

  • Our Pricing is Always Transparent

  • Controlled Communication

  • Increase Visibility, Increase Reach

  • Geographically Targeted Ads

  • Deep Review of Analytics Data

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